“The Lost Narratives of A.Z. Abushady, Poet and Bee Master,” by Joy Garnett, will appear in Cultural Entanglement in the Pre-Independence Arab World: Arts, Thought, and Literature, edited by Anthony Gorman and Sarah Irving (forthcoming from I.B. Tauris/Bloomsbury). Cultural Entanglement includes chapters by Idriss Jebari, Hussam Ahmed, Alia Musallam, Raphael Cormack, Elena Chiti, Yasmine Taan, and others. The material draws on a workshop held at the Centre for Advanced Study of the Arab World (CASAW), University of Edinburgh.




Facts Become the Enemy: Art and Archives. A Conversation with Joy Garnett on The Bee Kingdom” on 3 Quarks Daily. An interview by Berlin-based artist and writer Andrea Scrima about the long-term project The Bee Kingdom. Read the full interview here.


AZ Abushady: Revolutionary Egyptian Poet, Feminist, Beekeeper, and More.” An interview with artist and writer Joy Garnett by Marcia Lynx Qualey in ArabLit, on a book she is writing about her grandfather, Ahmed Zaki Abushady, the Egyptian poet and bee scientist. Read full interview here.




Joy Garnett: Cross-Pollination. [Cross-Pollination | Baraza – PDF] This week on Baraza, we’re buzzing with excitement over Joy Garnett’s essay on the archive of her maternal grandfather, the well-known Egyptian poet and beekeeper Ahmed Zaki Abushady. Edited by Rosa Klein-Baer, Garnett’s piece explores some of the cross-pollination between Abushady’s diverse intellectual, artistic, and scientific pursuits.” Read full article here.



Joy Garnett: “Blazing the Trail: A.Z. Abushady and The Apis Club,” Bee World, Vol.91, no.3 (Sept 2014), International Bee Research Association (IBRA), Cardiff, Wales. “A.Z. Abushady was the founder of the Apis Club at Benson in Oxfordshire. He was the first editor of its journal which was first published in June 1919. That journal is this journal, Bee World. Here, from a manuscript in progress, his granddaughter gives some insight into the life of this interesting man.” Download PDF here.


Joy Garnett: “Alone in the Archive,” Ibraaz Platform for discussion 006: “What role can the archive play in developing and sustaining a critical and culturally located art history?” Read full article here.



Volume 96, 2019 – Issue 2 (JUNE)

Around the Bee World in 100 Years
Robert Brodschneider. Page 33 | Published online: 23 Apr 2019. Download PDF: Around the Bee World in 100 Years 8_26_2019

Bee World – The First Hundred Years
Richard Jones, Karl Showler & Robert Brodschneider (Editor of Bee World) Pages 34-39 | Published online: 23 Apr 2019. Download PDF: Bee World – The First Hundred Years 8_26_2019



Digitizing a Beloved Egyptian Scholar’s Archive” by Mostafa Heddaya for Hyperallergic. Ahmed Zaky Abushady was a polymath in the Victorian mold, a preeminent Egyptian literary figure, bee scientist, inventor, and physician who found pathways between modes of thought and scholarship long before “interdisciplinary” became an academic catchall. Read full article here.


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