Bee-Keepers’ Library

2019- ongoing

Bee-Keepers’ Library is an ongoing series of art and writing produced in response to a small flow chart (pictured) found in A.Z. Abushâdy’s Apis Club archive (c.1919-32) housed in the special collections of the National Library of Wales.


Botanical Album, Alexandria, Egypt, 1945. Re-photographed, Brooklyn, NY, Dec. 2019. (click to view)
IA Edham and AZ Abushady, 2-volume set, 1936: Edham’s infamous screed “Why Am I An Atheist?” bound together with Abushady’s response “Why Am I A Believer?” First published as monographs in Alexandria, Egypt by the Co-operation Press. Re-photographed in Brooklyn, NY, Dec. 2019. (click to view)

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Pollen & Fragments (picture book)

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