STATOREC, MAY 2019: Read an excerpt from The Bee Kingdom. Stat®rec (‘Statement of Record ‘) is an online literary magazine.


FULL BLEDE: JUNE 2019, ISSUE NINE: THE CLEAVE: ‘Memento’ (Issue 9 launches late June)

FULL BLEDE: APRIL 2019, ISSUE EIGHT: THE INTERPENETRATE: ‘Hive Inspection’ – order here

FULL BLEDE: JANUARY 2019, ISSUE SEVEN: THE CONTINUANT: ‘Arrival’download PDF or order here

Full Blede is independently published, designed, edited, and curated by Sacha Baumann. Each issue features collaborators responding to a theme and launches in conjunction with an art reception at a selected Los Angeles gallery.

PING PONG, NOVEMBER 2015: ‘Edham the Atheist (a fiction)’. Ping Pong is a literary journal of the Henry Miller Memorial Library, published in the spirit of Henry Miller, who championed the disregarded, the liminal.


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