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FULL BLEDE: JUNE 2019, ISSUE NINE: THE CLEAVE: ‘Memento’ – The story of two evil stepmothers in the same family, a generation apart and from different cultures. They divide and conquer, separate people from their lovers and their money. Their longevity is matched only by that of witches. Photograph of A.Z. Abushâdy ca. 1910. Order your copy here.

FULL BLEDE: APRIL 2019, ISSUE EIGHT: THE INTERPENETRATE: ‘Hive Inspection’ – A.Z. Abushâdy is a central but elusive figure. Photograph: The author’s grandfather with an unidentified friend in his apiary in Khorshed, Egypt, ca. 1935. Order your copy here.

FULL BLEDE: JANUARY 2019, ISSUE SEVEN: THE CONTINUANT: ‘Arrival’ – Hoda visits Egypt for the first time 35 years after she left as a teenager; she arrives in a sandstorm. Photograph: Hoda, Giza, 1945. Download PDF or order here.

Full Blede is independently published, designed, edited, and curated by Sacha Baumann. Each issue features collaborators responding to a theme and launches in conjunction with an art reception at a selected Los Angeles gallery.

STATOREC, MAY 2019: An outline of a work in progress. Stat®rec (‘Statement of Record ‘) is an online literary magazine.

PING PONG, NOVEMBER 2015: ‘Edham the Atheist (a fiction)’ – A lost manuscript, a walk in the heat, a nervous monologue. An imagined meeting.

PING PONG is a literary journal of the Henry Miller Memorial Library, published in the spirit of Henry Miller, who championed the disregarded and the liminal.


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