The Daily Star (Lebanon), (Dec. 28), Perhaps it’s time for a ‘Sea Change’, by Jim Quilty. Review of Rusted Radishes: Beirut Literary and Art Journal, Issue 8 “Sea Change”. [PDF: The Daily Star (Lebanon)12.28.19]

Bee World CENTENNIAL ISSUE – Volume 96, 2019 – Issue 2 (JUNE)

Around the Bee World in 100 Years, by Robert Brodschneider, p. 33 (23 Apr 2019). Download PDF: Around the Bee World in 100 Years 8_26_2019

Bee World – The First Hundred Years, by Richard Jones, Karl Showler & Robert Brodschneider (Editor of Bee World), pp. 34-39 (23 Apr 2019). Download PDF: Bee World – The First Hundred Years 8_26_2019


Imby (August 2015): Art and about: Thought for food, by John Isaacs. Review of FOODSHED, curated by Amy Lipton at CR10.


The New York Times: ART IN REVIEW (February 2014): The Wayland Rudd Collection, at Winkleman Gallery, by Holland Cotter [PDF].


Digitizing a Beloved Egyptian Scholar’s Archive” by Mostafa Heddaya for Hyperallergic (Dec 2013). Ahmed Zaky Abushady was a polymath in the Victorian mold, a preeminent Egyptian literary figure, bee scientist, inventor, and physician who found pathways between modes of thought and scholarship long before “interdisciplinary” became an academic catchall. Read full article here.

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